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Homeopathy (a.k.a. Homeopathy) is an alternative method of treatment, based on the 'Nature's Law of Cure', namely 'Like Cures Like'. Although it is more than 250 years old, a German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is credited with its discovery in 1796. Homeopathy, a gentle and effective system of medicine, is the revolutionary, natural medical science. The remedies are prepared from natural substances to precise standards and work by stimulating the body's own healing power. Theory Of How Homoeopathy Works
Homeopathy is a natural pharmaceutical science that uses various plants, minerals or animals in very small doses to stimulate the sick person's natural defenses. The medicines are individually chosen for their ability to cause in overdose the similar symptoms the person is experiencing. "Homoios" in Greek means similar and "pathos" means disease or suffering.



Nash Homeopathic treatment for acne is very effective.It helps to control the tendency to have acne by improving the imbalance of sebum and hormones. It also helps to control infection, scar formation & hyperpigmentation permanently.


Nash Clinic provides the treatment that treats the hormonal imbalance and thus control the excessive production of melanin by improving the skin texture. It helps to stop the occurrences of new patches by gradually reducing & ultimately giving original skin colour. The skin slowly reverts to its normal condition without leaving any blemishes.


Nash Homeoplex provides a good solution for psoriasis. As Psoriasis is a skin disorder caused due to over reaction of our immune system, It requires a lot of detailed study of patient before anything can be prescribed. It requires a deep constitutional analysis. Nash treatment works by optimizing your defense mechanism & it improves your immune system by providing natural healing system which is curative & non–suppressive in nature.


Nash Clinic offers very good treatment for Eczema. As we give internal medicine to remove the basic disposition /sensitivity to develop such a lesion this approach not only successfully removes the eczema but also removes the possibility of development of other hypersensitivity disorders like asthma after Eczema is cured.

Vitiligo /White Patches

Nash Clinic gives wonderful and miraculous cures in many cases of vitiligo. This is due to the fact that Homeopathic treatment enhances the natural production of pigment. Vitiligo has been considered as a local expression of a system disturbance. Treatment can be aimed at returning normal pigment (repigmentation).


Nash Clinic offers an excellent treatment for warts. Homeopathic treatment treats the ailments from within, as the cause is internal for along time & almost permanently.